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Mnemosis is a 4D solution for a markerless surface motion capture transfer. Record yourself and use a finished photorealistic scan within minutes, complete with automatically generated skeleton and a RIG, able to deform, greatly cutting the time and cost of production. Our solutions are executed by utilizing state-of-the-art optical measurement methods, algorithms of 2D, 3D and 4D data processing, as well as neural networks and machine learning.

4D Body

4D Face


4D model is a scan of a person in motion. By utilizing up to a hundred 4K cameras simultaneously, we are creating point cloud with a resolution of 4 points per square millimeter with accuracy below 0.3 mm. Automatic processing software registers photorealistic geometry and texture that includes skin, behaviour of clothing, while generating RIG, consisting of mesh, blendshapes and a skeleton.

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We are using a separate system for a marker or markerless face scanning in order to capture every facial expression in detail. As a result, we achieve life-like 4D face model that includes automatically generated RIG consisting of mesh and blendshapes.

Interact with our 4D Face model

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