Our team consists of over 30 people, including scientists, programmers, software engineers, hardware designers and electronic technicians with extensive experience.

Since 2000, a team under supervision of professor Robert Sitnik, developed a 3D scanning technology and since 2010, a study has been launched into a 4D realm, which is a dimensional imaging in time. In order to develop and implement these techniques, on the Warsaw University of Technology a team of researchers was established under the name of OGX Optographx, which initially operated as a part of Photonic Engineering Division (Zakład Inżynierii Fotonicznej) and in 2013 it was transformed into an independent Virtual Reality Techniques Division (Zakład Technik Rzeczywistości Wirtualnej). The results of research of professor Robert Sitnik and the team were published in dozens of scientific journals with an international reach.

Among plenty of examples of practical implementations of the results of these scientific research, we can mention developments such as: – automated system of 3D scanning for objects of cultural heritage, in collaboration with museums and conservators from Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts – hierarchical scanner for 3D scanning of crime scenes, in collaboration with Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police in Warsaw – stationary and mobile scanners for a 3D scanning of a human body and analysis of posture deformities, in collaboration with Warsaw Medical University.

And now, this team, is putting its extensive experience to work on the digital human model at Mnemosis.

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